Custom Jewelry

Our team of jewelers is always ready to bring any of your ideas
design jewelry to life!

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Do you have a photo or drawing of a product that you would like to receive?

Send it to us and we will create it for you

Send product photo
Did you like the product from
in our catalog, but would you like to change something in it

You can choose another metal, remove / insert the stone, add
inscription, etc. Tell us the product code and
describe your wishes.

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You do not have a certain idea, but want an original and exclusive decoration?

Our masters are always ready to create for you an individual product design in 3D,
taking into account all your wishes.

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Discussion of future custom jewelry

You can call us at +7 495 649-66-90, or write on WhatsApp / Telegram at 8 916 923-66-45 and sign up for a free meeting at our office in the center of Moscow, where we can discuss all the necessary details and conclude a contract for the manufacture of jewelry to order. You can also write to us at, describing in detail your idea of ??design and attaching all the necessary materials (photo, picture). If you are not from Moscow, it is easiest to discuss all the details on WhatsApp / Telegram, after which we conclude an offer with you. Read more about shipping and payment here.

3D model creation and subsequent approval

3D model creation and subsequent approval

What is the cost of custom-made jewelry?

The price of an exclusive product is always individual and depends on several factors:

  • — The complexity of the design and its execution;
  • — Used metal and weight decoration;
  • — As well as the stones used in the product.

We take an individual approach to each client and will always help you find the best solution for you.

Here is a wide selection of stones and metals, as well as the opportunity to use your own stones (for sure, everyone has jewelry with stones that you don’t wear). Using your stones will reduce the cost of the product.

Also you can always refer to our catalog
jewelry and choose a ready-made design that will reduce the time
manufacture of the product and its cost.


Close your eyes and imagine the jewelry you have always dreamed about. Remember the photographs that you saw, the rings of acquaintances who have sunk so deeply into your soul. But maybe you imagine something completely original and unique? Want to feel like a designer and show your creativity? All this is now not just dreams, but reality! We will lead you by the hand through the entire fascinating process of creating jewelry for an individual order: starting with the emergence of an idea and sketching a sketch, ending with fixing stones in your jewelry.

Want to feel like a creator, and not just buy standard jewelry in a store? Take the first step towards the unique decoration of your dreams! Go to the jewelry catalog and find out the prices for making jewelry in it.