About Us

It is our honor to translate your idea into a real piece of jewelry or simply take an ordinary piece and turn it into the extraordinary. We really love what we do and are very proud of our talented team. Together we will truly develop your idea and create the most amazing jewelry that can rival even the best known brands. If the mass jewelry market is not for you, then you are definitely in the right place.

Our mission is to provide people with a wider, yet affordable selection of jewelry. We want your piece to become a part of you and your image. Jewelry is also a way of showing individuality, not unlike a hairstyle or the clothes you choose. We would be thrilled to be your guides through this magical world that is custom jewelry!

Ekaterina, Owner
Evgenia, Art Director
Arseniy, Jeweler
Taisia, Jeweler
Denis, Jeweler
Elizaveta, 3D Designer
Ksenia, 3D Designer
Kristina, Jeweler