About Us

Turning your idea into a real piece of jewelry or just turning your usual look at jewelry is our job. We really love what we do and are very proud of our talented team. Together we create and create the most unusual jewelry that can compete in level with well-known Western brands. :) If the jewelry mass market is not for you, then you are definitely in the right place.

Our mission is to provide people with a wider yet affordable selection of jewelry. We want them to become part of you and your image. Jewelry is also a way of manifesting individuality, like the hairstyle or clothes that you choose :) And we will gladly open the doors to this magical jewelry world for you!

Catherine. Supervisor
Eugene. Art Director
Arseny. Jeweler
Taisia. Wax designer
Denis. Jeweler
Elizabeth. 3D designer
Ksenia. 3D designer
Kristina. Jeweler